About Us

PackersDatabase was founded on the principle that history matters. I decided to make PackersDatabase a wiki-like memorabilia database because I saw a need to preserve this history in an open way. I love digitizing things, I love collectibles, and I love antiques so I had been dreaming about memorabilia databases as far back as 2009 and finally brought the first one (PackersDatabase) to fruition in 2019. PackersDatabase is currently unincorporated but I plan to turn it into a registered nonprofit with a board of directors in the near future to preserve its existance beyond my interest.
We have several long-term goals for PackersDatabase.

1. Creating a complete archive of every antique, memorabilia item, and collectible for public viewing.
2. To become the largest and most accurate Packers memorabilia and collectibles price guide, because we allow classified listings for every item we can gauge demand and price points.
3. Create a renewed interest in collecting by showing collectors exactly what collectibles are out there in the market.
4. Form a community resource for collectors in which they can engage with one another.
PackersDatabase is still a relatively new and completely unknown resource. For now we are relying on collectors to add their collections to our database. If you have items not in our database, please add them, you'll be making a contribution that fans will be perusing for hundreds of years maybe forever. Check out the page on Contributing for guidelines and further information.
If you believe in preserving the history of Packers memorabilia we need your support to grow. Support us here on Patreon. For more info on how your support will help us grow check out the information on our Support Us Page. If all you can do is spread the word please do so by sharing our site and apps with anyone you know that has an interest in collecting.
P.S. If you want to talk with other collectors join our discord server. I hope to build up our discord user base so we can do fun events and appraise items for those less knowledgeable.

Heres the link: Sign In To See